Monday, October 17, 2022

Fighting Obesity: Kickstart Your Family’s Journey Towards Healthier Diets, Habits with an HMO Plan

Globally, obesity has been a growing concern among adults and children. By 2030, individuals with obesity might reach more than one billion worldwide, according to the World Obesity Atlas 2022 
This number is not far-fetched. In the Philippines alone, a recent study by the Food and Nutrition Research Institute (FNRI) of the Department of Science and Technology (DOST) noted that there are currently at least 27 million overweight and obese Filipinos.  
But what causes this condition? While various factors contribute to obesity, the primary causes include having a sedentary lifestyle and consuming foods with a large amount of salt and calories. People who experience this condition might also experience musculoskeletal issues, cardiovascular problems, and even cancer said the Department of Health (DOH).  

How an HMO plan helps with healthier diets, habits  
To prevent or treat obesity, an individual must start adopting an active lifestyle paired with a more nutritious food selection consisting of vegetables, fruits, and whole grains, among others. It is also complemented by reducing the consumption of food rich in calories and salt.  
However, as easy as it seems, this is a challenge for people living with obesity because this condition dramatically affects their way of life. Experts believe that it changes a person’s appetite, hormone balance, feeling of fullness, digestion, and many more, which is why fighting obesity would need help from medical professionals who can guide you and your family towards healthier diets and habits.  
To provide appropriate care and reduce healthcare costs, MediCard, a leading Health and Maintenance Organization (HMO) in the Philippines, has Individual and Family plans that you can avail for yourself and your family, which start at PhP10,739 annually. Benefits include health management and counseling on health habits and diets to help your family’s journey in living a healthy lifestyle while preventing or managing obesity 

It also has family hospitalization (in-patient) services and outpatient care. For instance, conditional to a member’s diagnosis and plan, it covers X-ray and laboratory examinations, operating and recovery room expenses, and services of MediCard specialists, including anesthesiologists, internists, surgeons, and many more.  
For outpatient care, this plan allows members to access different physicians in MediCard free-standing clinics and MediCard-accredited clinics or hospitals in the country. Depending on a member’s coverage, this can include regular consultations, specialist referrals, and laboratory or diagnostic examinations prescribed by a MediCard physician.  
In addition, MediCard’s Individual and Family plans cover routine immunization, annual physical examination (APE), counseling on family planning, preventive healthcare services at any MediCard free-standing clinic, complete blood count, Pap smear for women above 40 years old, and dental care services from any accredited dental clinic.  
MediCard is the first and leading HMO founded and managed by doctors. Over the years, it has provided the most comprehensive and innovative healthcare programs and fitness activities to help people achieve healthier lives.  
To learn more about MediCard Philippines, visit its website at 

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