Wednesday, May 29, 2024

Burger King partners with Nutella featuring the all-new King Fusion with Nutella

Save room for dessert! Burger King partners with Nutella for new dessert series featuring the all-new King Fusion with Nutella. BRB! Running to Burger King for the sweetest treats - who’s coming? 

Prepare yourselves, dessert lovers! Burger King, the world-famous global brand known for its Whopper, has teamed up with Nutella, the world's favorite hazelnut spread, to create the all-new King Fusion with Nutella, which will satisfy dessert cravings to a new level. 

Burger King recently launched its BK Dessert Treats with Nutella, which includes three (3) new products that will make any chocolate lover's dream come true. Whether you're looking for the perfect ending to a meal or simply want a sweet treat on a hot summer day, this new dessert series won't disappoint. 

The Star of the Show: King Fusion with Nutella
Building on the success of the BK Nutella Series, Burger King is expanding its dessert offerings with the addition of the all-new King Fusion with Nutella. This new product combines smooth, creamy soft-serve ice cream generously laced with Nutella spread and delightfully sprinkled with crunchy cookie bits, resulting in a textural and flavorful experience unlike any before!

The BK Nutella Series: A Trio of Delights
While the BK King Fusion with Nutella takes center stage, the BK Dessert Treats with Nutella features a variety of sweet courses to satisfy everyone, regardless of their cravings!
  • For the Classic Craver: Craving the beloved BK Sundae but with an extra kick? Get ready for a flavor explosion with BK Sundae with Nutella! This twist on the classic features rich and creamy Nutella swirled into a smooth vanilla soft serve, delivering a delightful hazelnut upgrade you won't forget. 
  • For the Waffle fanatic: Craving something warm and fluffy? The 2-pc BK Waffles with Nutella are your jam. These heavenly waffles with a soft and fluffy center topped with a generous drizzle of your favorite hazelnut spread, create a perfectly balanced, sweet, and satisfying treat that you can enjoy any time of the day.
  • For someone who always wants something extra: Craving for a textural twist on your BK Sundae? The King Fusion with Nutella is just what you need! This special soft-serve sundae is taken to the next level with the addition of Nutella hazelnut spread and sweet, crispy cookie bits. Combining this mix of textures and nutty flavors, this dessert is simply irresistible. Just a heads up – it's hard to resist once you try it!

Limited Time Offer: Don’t miss out! 
Give in to your sweet cravings as this dessert trio is now available in all BK Luzon stores! 

Coming soon in all BK Visayas and Mindanao stores:  2-pc BK Waffles with Nutella and King Fusion with Nutella. Get ready to experience the next level of dessert goodness only at Burger King! 

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