Monday, May 6, 2024

This one day pop-up event in Makati is a haven for bread lovers

Bread has a special place in the hearts of Filipinos, from the early hours of the morning to late-night social gatherings. It's more than just a kitchen staple; it represents comfort, community, and long-held traditions. Enter Marby Superloaf, a 100% locally made bread that perfectly captures what Filipinos look for in bread: masarap, softness, and siksik. Marby is inviting bread lovers to the Marby Heritage Haven on May 11, 2024, from 7 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the Salcedo Saturday Market, to experience the Marby heritage of providing Filipinos with 100% locally made, siksik and masarap superior quality loaf bread.

Bread reminds Filipinos of Home

Filipinos' collective love of bread began during the Spanish colonial period. It quickly became a household favorite due to its light but filling flavor, which pairs well with spreads, deli, drinks, or noodles. Discover how Marby has taken a beloved food and transformed it into a 100% local, masarap, soft, and siksik bread that appeals to every Filipino taste. Marby Super Loaf is ideal for experimenting with new flavors. That is why Marby invited local artisans to provide participants with delectable Marby bread combinations.

Those who’ll join Marby Heritage Haven can expect the following food stands and activities:
  • Gourmet Spreads Tasting
Prepare your tastebuds for the array of delicious spreads that will complement your favorite Marby bread. You might even find the perfect pairing to elevate your Marby eating experience.
  • Live Cooking Demo
Catch a live cooking demo elevating usual bread recipes into extraordinary dishes with Marby Superloaf
  • Make your Own Sandwich
Build your very own Marby’s Sandwich that caters to your taste at the Roast Beef Station and create the perfect Marby experience, your way.
  • Food and Beverage Partners
Marby partnered with local artisans for coffee and beverages, cold cuts and spreads, gourmet meat, seafood and spreads, and Roast Beef Counter for a dedicated roast beef station.

With these exciting activities and offerings, you wouldn’t want to miss the Marby Heritage Haven this May 11 at the Salcedo Saturday Market. Make Marby Superloaf your loaf bread of choice and experience the taste of tradition and the warmth of home in each slice, where each bite is a taste of Filipino Heritage. Marby’s Superloaf and other products will be available nationwide in stores and online platforms like Shopee and Lazada on the 15th of May. For more information and updates about this upcoming event follow Marby’s Facebook and Instagram Page.

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