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USANA Philippines meets with local health experts to discuss the crucial role of supplements

“For 15 years, USANA Philippines has strived to fulfill the vision of its founder, Dr.  Myron Wentz, to create the healthiest family on earth. As we step into this milestone, we’re fortifying this goal by hosting our first ever health symposium and strengthening our partnerships with health professionals.” ~Cherry Dionisio-Ampig, general manager of USANA Philippines
From left: USANA Marketing Supervisor Leeo Onanad, USANA Marketing Supervisor Jara Tayamen, USANA’s executive director of global health education and nutrition research Dr. Rolando Maddela, Registered Nutritionist-Dietician Mary Rose Del Rio, Medical Oncologist Dr. Alex Delgado, Dr. Susano Yves Tanael, and USANA Senior Sales & Marketing Manager Joyce Ramallosa. 

USANA Philippines hosted its inaugural health symposium, bringing together around 300 health professionals from across the country. The event underscored the crucial role of supplements in maintaining wellness and marked a significant milestone on their ongoing commitment to health and innovation.

The guest speakers address questions from the audience during the Q&A segment of the health symposium. 

To demonstrate the importance of supplementation in maintaining wellness, USANA Philippines hosted an inaugural symposium with approximately 300 health professionals from across the country. Building on their 15th anniversary celebration, this event reinforces USANA's commitment to reaching one million families worldwide, with a continued emphasis on product research, innovation, and education.

USANA Philippines’ General Manager Cherry Dionisio-Ampig officially starts the program. 

This health symposium reflects how USANA places science, specifically research and innovation, at its core.
“One very consistent value of USANA’s is the science behind its products. The foundation of everything we do is anchored in science—giving meaning to our influence on the health of our communities.” ~David Mulham, chief sales officer of USANA Health Sciences, Inc.

As an industry leader, USANA conducts extensive research and evaluations to identify specific market demands and develop new ingredients to meet changing needs. This process produces products that are specifically designed to assist people on their journey to maintaining wellness.

“As a company, we continuously research and innovate.  We’re committed to developing new products and upgrading existing ones to be even more competitive and to continuously promote healthy living.” ~Dr. Rolando Maddela, USANA’s Executive Director of Global Health Education and Nutrition Research

Dr. Rolando Maddela, USANA’s executive director of global health education and nutrition research, discusses how dietary supplements help in addressing nutrition-based health issues. 

This health symposium provided an opportunity for medical professionals and others in attendance to learn and engage in meaningful discussions about the country's current health landscape and the critical nurturing role that supplements play. Distinguished medical speakers included Dr. Susano "Yves" Tanael, Registered Nutritionist-Dietician MaryRose del Rio, Dr. Alex Delgado, and Dr. Rolando Maddela.

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