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Discover Amazing Deals with Camella HomeDASH Program

Homeownership made easy—Camella HomeDASH Program simplifies purchasing a home with special offers that fit your needs and financial plans.

Imagine feeling proud and satisfied as you open
the door to your forever home—a place where all of your goals and labors for your family and yourself come together.

Camella developments are themed neighborhoods inspired by the most beautiful places in the world.

Being a homeowner is a concrete representation of success, a guarantee of a safe future, and evidence of one's capacity to construct something of enduring worth. For Filipinos, this goes even further: a person's birthplace and the locations of their most memorable moments have a particular place in their hearts. It's where we make priceless childhood memories, a feeling of belonging, and enduring relationships. Having a house in one's hometown, or even nearby, enables one to maintain traditions, stay connected to one's heritage, and provide a space where future generations can forge their own memories.

FREYA: One of Camella's favorite model homes

Forever Takes Place in Camella
Camella understands the deep significance of owning a home in Filipino culture. More than bricks and mortar, homes are a place to build lasting memories, raise a family, celebrate life's milestones, and a place one holds dear no matter where life takes them.

For those looking to return to their roots or establish a base close to their loved ones, Camella HomeDASH program makes achieving this dream easier than ever. Camella offers various home financing options and special deals to fit your needs, whether for a Ready for Occupancy (RFO) home, a Non-Ready for Occupancy (NRFO) development, or a lot-only property.

HomeDASH: Discover Amazing Specials for Homebuyers
The HomeDASH program is an all-in platform to easily navigate the homeownership journey. Whether eager to move in or have time to plan your dream home, Camella offers a variety of options that meet your aspirations:

Ready-for-Occupancy (RFO) Homes
Camella RFO homes are ideal for those who want to move in right away. Skipping the wait and construction time frame, these homes are move-in ready, allowing you to settle in as soon as the paperwork and payments are finalized. RFO homes are also a great option for investors, as they can start generating rental income quickly with minimal vacancy periods.

Purchase a Camella RFO home and design your space with amazing appliances as much as PHP 200,000 from AllHome! With your Camella RFO home purchase, your appliances will be ready for delivery and setup, allowing you to immediately settle in with everything you need. Decorating your new home will be an exciting experience as everything you will need await to elevate your living space.

The most beautiful thing Camella has created through the decades are the irreplaceable memories in the hearts of Camella families.

Non-Ready for Occupancy (NRFO) Developments and Lot Only Properties
Perfect for those who enjoy planning ahead, Camella NRFO developments and lot-only properties allow buyers to secure their forever home at their own pace.  This is ideal for those not rushing to move in and taking time to visualize their dream space. NRFO properties offer the benefit of flexible financing plans that spread out the monthly down payment, making homeownership more manageable.

Moreover, lot-only purchases grant complete freedom to choose the perfect location within a Camella community and build the dream home from the ground up at a later date.  Both options come with the added advantage of the HomeDASH, offering attractive financing options and as much as PHP 500,000 discount on the total contract price.

With nearly five decades of expertise, Camella has built homes that realize the dream of ownership for every Filipino family.

Maximize your savings and enhance your new home:
Building a dream home or securing a future lot to build your property in Camella comes with even greater rewards! The HomeDASH program offers an exciting post-dates cheque (PDC) incentives exclusively for NRFO properties and lot-only purchases.

Here is how it works:
  1. Eligible properties: This incentive applies to both NRFO homes and Lot Only purchases.
  2. Maximizing incentives: To enjoy the full benefit of the incentive, buyer is required to issue post-dated cheques (PDCs) covering your entire down payment term.
  3. Time-bound offer: Please note that to be eligible for the PDC incentive, the buyer must issue their PDCs within the first three (3) months of their down payment term.
  4. Gift certificate rewards: By utilizing the PDC option for monthly down payment, buyer may qualify for as much as PHP 50,000 AllHome gift certificates to furnish and decorate their forever homes in style.

Camella fosters an environment ripe for family festivities and lifelong connections.

Financing Options, Construction, and House Turnover
The exact timeline for construction will vary depending on your chosen property and financing options. Here is a general overview to help you plan ahead:

1. Financing Your NRFO Home
Bank financing: Construction begins after full down payment to the developer is paid for.
Deferred cash: Construction commences after 70 percent of the down payment has been paid for. 

2. Lot-Only Purchases: Home construction begins after full payment for the lot is paid for.

With Camella NRFO properties and lot-only options, buyers can secure their forever home and transform it into a space that reflects their unique style. They can personalize every corner, transforming the new property into a home that reflects their personality, and relish in making your space truly their own.

Do not miss a chance to avail these special deals!
Do not miss out on this exciting opportunity! Visit your nearest Camella office today. Our representatives can guide you through the HomeDASH program information and financing options and help you find your forever home.

Terms and conditions apply. Promo is valid until May 31, 2024.

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