Wednesday, March 20, 2024

HAVAS Red PH launches ‘Red Sky Dialogues’, a knowledge-sharing event for media partners

"At HAVAS Red Philippines, we believe in crafting campaigns and stories firmly rooted in data on consumer behaviors. The Red Sky Dialogues serves as a platform to strengthen our relationship with the media. By fostering these partnerships, we aim to elevate the discourse of our industry and do right by our audiences.” ~Jos Ortega, CEO of HAVAS Ortega and General Manager of HAVAS Red Philippines

HAVAS Red Philippines recently launched its pioneer Red Sky Dialogues, a monthly roundtable series with the aim of forming deeper engagement with media partners. The first session was attended by journalists from top media publications in the country.

Led by Phil Tiongson, Head of Mx and Director for Data Science at HAVAS Ortega, the discussion explored the latest insights on Prosumer trends. A “Prosumer” is part of the 15-20% of the Filipino population who are at the forefront of new trends, beliefs, and attitudes. They possess a keen eye for emerging media and brands, and typically set the pace of the market being 18-24 months ahead of the mainstream.

The first Red Sky Dialogues session unveiled five pivotal themes: First, the "Quest for Meaning" highlights the Filipinos' pursuit of mindful consumption, driven by a desire for a more purposeful life. Second, the "Emergence of the Prosumer Activist" focuses on the activism that extends beyond the streets, with Prosumers using their purchasing power to advocate for brands aligned with their values. Third, "Community Trust Dynamics" addresses the strong influence of digital communities, such as Facebook groups and Reddit threads, which have become significant sources of support, sometimes surpassing traditional institutions. Fourth, the "Rise of Mental Health Discourse" underscores the Filipino Prosumers' push for brands to lead conversations on holistic mental health, putting themselves at the forefront of promoting a healthy lifestyle. Lastly, the "Clamor for Climate Change Accountability" reflects the belief of 83% of Filipino Prosumers that large companies with high carbon footprints should take the lead on sustainable movements.

Phil Tiongson, Head of Mx and Director for Data Science at HAVAS Ortega

Through the Red Sky Dialogues, HAVAS Red Philippines rises as a thought leader in the industry of consumer insights and market dynamics. By leveraging their relations with top media publications, the organization paves a way for robust discussions and knowledge-sharing on topics that shape the local consumer behavior.

Jos Ortega, CEO of HAVAS Ortega and General Manager of HAVAS Red Philippines

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