Tuesday, March 26, 2024

Ginto Capitalizes on the Gin Market's Growth

“Consumers are always on the lookout for unique tastes and new experiences, and Ginto offers both of them. It is made using quality ingredients and is aged in oak bar-rels for six months, producing its distinct golden sunset color and complex mix of sweet and spicy flavors with hints of fresh botanicals. The Gin Festival gave us an opportunity to connect with gin lovers and show them how Ginto is different from other gin products. Ginto is a testament to our dedication of observing the highest standards at all times.” ~Jon Edzel Ty, Digital Brand Man-ager, Tanduay DistillersInc., the makers of Ginto

Tanduay,  highlighting "Ginto", the first locally made barrel-aged gin in the country. Ginto appeals to  a wide spectrum of consumers, offering a rich and unique alternative in the ever expanding gin market landscape.

The country's growing gin market presents a lucrative opportunity for new players such as Ginto, the Philippines' first locally produced barrel-aged gin. Ginto is a neutral spirit with natural flavors of juniper, coriander, and orange oil. It has a mildly sweet flavor with hints of citrus, juniper berry, and woody notes. Its body is mellow, smooth, and dry, with a smooth cascading finish that includes notes of pepper, juniper, and grapefruit. The top notes of the aroma are juniper, orange peel, and coriander. It is available in 600 mL and contains 36% alcohol by volume.

Consumer Engagement and Product Innovation

The brand is focusing on increasing its visibility through marketing and participation in spirits events. Most recently, it participated in the Manila Gin Festival 2024. Held at Bonifacio Global City High Street Amphitheater in Taguig, the event was a “celebration of the creativity, diversity, and spirit of craft gin culture.” 


Ginto joined other distilleries in displaying their products during the two-day festival. It set up a booth where attendees were given free samples of its barrel-aged gin. It also gave away various Ginto and Tanduay merchandise as prizes.

Mr. Jon Edzel Ty said that Ginto was crafted to be available to a wide range of consumers, offering them an affordable alternative that is rich in flavor and quality.

To strategically promote the product, Tanduay has actively participated in key industry events such as the recent Manila Gin Festival 2024. The objective is to showcase Ginto's exceptional qualities to gin drinkers and enthusiasts.

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