Friday, March 22, 2024

MR.DIY Celebrates Motherhood at SOS Children's Village During Women’s Month

"Our collaboration with SOS Children's Villages allows us to celebrate the incredible work of SOS mothers who dedicate their lives to nurturing children. Through initiatives like this, we hope to inspire others to spread kindness and make a positive impact in their communities." ~Charles Salecina, Deputy Head for Marketing at MR.DIY

MR.DIY Philippines held a heartwarming event at SOS Children's Villages on March 8, 2024, to celebrate the essence of motherhood during Women's Month. The initiative aimed to recognize SOS mothers' selfless dedication to nurturing children with love and care, regardless of their backgrounds or life challenges.

During the event, MR.DIY employees dressed as "Uncles and Aunties for a Day," guiding children in creating heartfelt Mother's Day gifts with MR.DIY's arts and crafts supplies. Thirty volunteers enthusiastically engaged with the children, encouraging creativity and bonding through the act of crafting.

"This partnership with MR.DIY has provided our children with a wonderful opportunity to express their creativity and gratitude towards their SOS mothers. It's heartwarming to see the joy and love infused into each handmade card, reflecting the strong bond between the children and their SOS families." ~Andrea Celica Santos, Corporate Relations Coordinator at SOS Children's Villages Philippines

The day's highlight was the creation of Mother's Day cards, each with a personalized message of love and gratitude. The children poured their hearts into designing these cards, expressing their gratitude to the SOS mothers who have provided them with a loving home environment.

A special moment occurred when the best-designed card was awarded a gift pack from MR.DIY, adding a festive touch to the event. This gesture not only acknowledged the children's artistic abilities, but also represented the bond between SOS mothers and their children.

This celebration was particularly significant because it redefined the concept of motherhood within SOS Children's Villages. Contrary to popular belief, SOS mothers come from a variety of backgrounds and life experiences, but they all have one thing in common: an unwavering commitment to nurturing children with love, care, and respect for their unique stories.

The SOS Village's distinct approach to family-like care ensures that children grow up in a nurturing environment, surrounded by SOS siblings and a loving SOS mother. This nurturing environment promotes a sense of belonging and security, which is critical for a child's healthy development.

As MR.DIY continues to work with SOS Children's Villages and other NGO partners on Acts of Kindness (AoK), the retailer's dedication to assisting vulnerable children and families remains unwavering. Through acts of kindness, creativity, and compassion, MR.DIY and its partners make meaningful contributions to Filipino communities, instilling hope, love, and opportunities for all children.

In honoring the SOS mothers and celebrating Women's Month, let us recognize and appreciate the unsung heroes - the SOS mothers - who embody the true spirit of motherhood through their dedication, compassion, and tenacity.

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