Wednesday, March 6, 2024

5 reasons the new, mouthwatering Cream-O Brownie Soft Cookies are #SnackGoals

Get the limited-edition treat while you can, Cream-Oholics!

There's a new snack in town that might just change the lives of chocolate lovers. We're talking about a new and unique source of choco-happiness sent down from the deities of choco-heaven: the limited-edition Cream-O Brownie Soft Cookies.

So, if you’re wondering what it tastes like, here’s what you need to know about Cream-O Brownie Soft Cookies:

Double the treat, double the fun

With Cream-O Brownie Soft Cookies you can experience the best of both worlds as it combines two popular snack formats in one scrumptious bite. It’s both a soft, chewy cookie and a rich, fudgy brownie. As an amazing bonus, there’s even chocolate cream surprise once you take a bite.

“Choco-tastic” Sensation

This treat definitely delivers when it comes to chocolate. From the deep, cookie-brownie base to the choco cream filling, it's a chocolate lover's (or Cream-Oholic’s) dream come true. Just a warning: extreme levels of “choco-happiness” may occur.

Softness overload

Forget crumbly cookies and dry brownies. Cream-O Brownie Soft Cookies are all about that delectable and smooth texture. They’re flavor bombs, with each blissful bite into that soft and chewy cookie.

Me-time but better

Enjoy your favorite me-time activity — like cozying up to a good book, listening to your favorite inspirational podcasts, or watching your favorite true crime or K-drama series — much, much more with a glass of creamy milk or a cup of joe and this heavenly treat by your side.

Limited-edition magic

Cream-O Brownie Soft Cookies are like shooting stars in the snack galaxy, a fleeting moment of pure deliciousness. So, grab these limited-edition treats while you can.

Cream-O Brownie Soft Cookies aren't just a snack; they can be a great partner to make your me-time moments more “choco-happy”. Go forth, Cream-Oholics, and snag this limited-edition treat.

Get the new Cream-O Brownie Soft Cookie online via URC shops or shop it at Robinsons Supermarkets, Robinsons Department Store, Robinsons Easymart, Shopwise, The Marketplace, Puregold, SM Supermarket, and Uncle John’s.

Follow Cream-O on Facebook and Instagram for updates on all their future choco-creations.

Jack ‘n Jill Cream-O is a product of Universal Robina Corporation (URC), maker of well-loved Pinoy snack and beverage products such as C2 Cool and Clean, Great Taste Coffee, Jack ‘n Jill Piattos, Nova, Maxx, Cloud 9, Magic Crackers, and many others. To learn more about URC, visit its website at, Facebook Page and on TikTok

Enjoy your favorite me-time activity with Cream-O Brownie Soft Cookies

Make your me-time moments more “choco-happy” with Cream-O Brownie Soft Cookies

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