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From Passion to Profession: iAcademy Alumni Take Non-Traditional Career Paths to Global Stages

"Being a game changer is about not limiting yourself to what you know but always evolving and making space to learn. I want to be that representation in the creative industry." ~Joshua Villena, iAcademy Graduate of BS Animation Batch 2020
iAcademy Gamechangers

When it comes to establishing a career, following one's passion is often not the obvious option. Many people feel compelled to pursue traditional professions based on cultural and societal expectations because they are perceived to provide greater stability and financial security. Because of a lack of awareness or understanding of the potential opportunities and growth within the creative industry, most people perceive non-traditional career paths as riskier than other more common options.  Some people, on the other hand, are willing to take risks in order to pursue their passions, and as a result, they become game changers. 

Forging Unconventional Career Paths

Joshua Villena, iAcademy graduate of BS Animation batch 2020

In a society where passion and profession are frequently perceived as opposing forces, Joshua Villena demonstrates that they can coexist. Joshua, who now works as an artist and designer in New York, received his Animation degree from iAcademy. Initially working for various animation studios, he eventually pursued a non-traditional career path based on his passion, showcasing his art in exhibitions in the Philippines, Italy, Paris, and New York.

Joshua Villena demonstrates that passion and career can coexist in a society where they are frequently perceived to be opposing paths. Joshua worked as an artist and designer in New York after graduating from iAcademy with a degree in animation. He began by working for various animation studios before embarking on a non-traditional career path and exhibiting his work in shows in the Philippines, Italy, Paris, and New York.

Joshua Villena at his The Arrival of Yeshua” solo exhibition in New York

Joshua Villena with his own streetwear merchandise “YESHUA”

In April, Joshua debuted his first solo exhibition, "The Arrival of Yeshua" featuring ten original artworks and a new streetwear line called Yeshua. This milestone not only highlights his individual success but also sets the stage for Filipino creatives on the global scene.

Sabrina Maybituin, iAcademy Graduate of BS Animation Batch 2012

Sabrina Maybituin also took a non-traditional career path on her way to success. Starting as a graduate of Bachelor of Science in Animation, she quickly rose through the ranks to become Head of Client Relations at Top Draw Animation Inc. 

“My interest was really illustration, but being exposed to the production and opportunities to work with global creators such as Nickelodeon, it really sparked my love and passion for animation.” ~Sabrina Maybituin, iAcademy Graduate of BS Animation Batch 2012

Her career began with the critically acclaimed first season of Jamie’s Got Tentacles and progressed to iconic projects like The Tom & Jerry Show and Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles on Netflix.

Ruka Azuma, iAcademy Graduate of AB Multimedia Arts and Design Batch 2022

Ruka Azuma’s career is a perfect blend of artistic vision and strategic thinking. As a former student leader, Ruka's leadership skills and creativity were evident early on. As a multidisciplinary artist and filmmaker, Ruka operates his own studio, creating compelling short films while serving as a Senior Creative Strategy Officer at Eventscape Manila. His diverse career portfolio illustrates the various roles and industries one can take when pursuing a non-traditional career path.

Nuke Dumayas, iAcademy graduate of BS Animation batch 2021

Reinventing Education for the Future

Joshua, Sabrina, Ruka, and Nuke's success stories demonstrate that pursuing a career path based on passion is not only possible, but can lead to exceptional success. These stories serve as a reminder that following one's passion, with the right environment and resources, can lead to a viable and rewarding career path. Institutions like iAcademy, which is dedicated to reinventing education to meet the ever-changing needs of industries, produce game changers with expertise in design, technology, and business excellence. By embracing non-traditional career paths, iAcademy exemplifies how a forward-thinking education fosters creativity, innovation, and leadership, allowing students to excel in their fields.

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