Thursday, June 20, 2024

Project Eight Initiative's Jasser June Cruz Attends GoNegosyo Tourism Summit 2024: Fostering Livelihood Advocacy and Community Growth

Jasser June Cruz, a major Project Lead for the Project Eight Initiative's Livelihood program, attended the much-anticipated GoNegosyo Tourism Summit 2024. The conference brought together industry experts, legislators, and entrepreneurs to explore the future of tourism and its impact on community development and economic progress.
Throughout the event, Cruz actively participated in various sessions and discussions, gaining valuable insights into the latest trends and strategies in tourism that could be harnessed to enhance livelihood opportunities within communities. One of his major takeaways was the critical role of sustainable tourism practices in driving long-term economic benefits while preserving cultural and environmental heritage. He emphasized the importance of integrating these practices into local livelihood programs to ensure both profitability and sustainability.
Cruz also highlighted the potential of leveraging digital platforms and technology to promote local tourism. By utilizing social media, online marketplaces, and virtual tours, communities can reach a broader audience, attract more visitors, and increase revenue streams. He expressed enthusiasm for incorporating these digital tools into the Project Eight Initiative's Livelihood advocacy efforts, aiming to empower local entrepreneurs and boost their visibility in the competitive tourism market.
Networking was another significant aspect of Cruz's participation in the summit. He connected with several potential partners, including representatives from eco-tourism organizations, digital marketing firms, and government agencies focused on community development. These connections promise to open new avenues for collaboration, resource sharing, and support, enhancing the reach and impact of the Livelihood advocacy program.
One promising partnership emerged with an eco-tourism organization that specializes in sustainable travel experiences. This collaboration is expected to bring new training programs and resources to local communities, helping them develop and market eco-friendly tourism ventures. Additionally, discussions with digital marketing experts are set to provide local entrepreneurs with the skills and tools needed to effectively promote their businesses online.
Cruz's attendance at the GoNegosyo Tourism Summit 2024 underscored the Project Eight Initiative's commitment to fostering community growth and economic empowerment through innovative and sustainable livelihood programs. By integrating the latest tourism trends and forging strategic partnerships, the initiative aims to create lasting positive change in the communities it serves.

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