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Famous Tiki Mixologist Daniel "Doc" Parks of the San Francisco Bay Area Partners with Tanduay Rum

"I'd find things like barkcloth Hawaiian shirts and vintage exotic records... all kinds of memorabilia from the early days of the Polynesian pop movement in America, Tanduay was really dynamic. It plays well on its own and with other spirits and flavor profiles. So it was really easy to work with their entire line." ~Daniel "Doc" Parks, a celebrated tiki cocktail specialist and 2017 San Francisco Chronicle “Bar Star”

This year commemorates Tanduay's 170th anniversary, a landmark milestone that demonstrates the company's commitment to increasing its global influence. Tanduay's rums are now enjoyed in a variety of countries, including China, the United States, Singapore, Qatar, the United Arab Emirates, France, Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, the United Kingdom, Austria, Poland, Georgia, Armenia, the Czech Republic, Costa Rica, Canada, New Zealand, Ukraine, and Taiwan, demonstrating the company's growing global presence.

Daniel "Doc" Parks, a celebrated tiki cocktail specialist and 2017 San Francisco Chronicle "Bar Star," has teamed up with Tanduay Brands International, the makers of the world's number one rum, in a unique collaboration that combines the distinct flair of Tiki culture and the rich heritage of Filipino rum. This collaboration promotes a blend of cultures and traditions, as seen by the publication of a cocktail book that highlights Parks' inventive creations as well as Tanduay Rum's adaptability.

Parks, whose interest in tiki culture began as a teenager in San Diego, has always been attracted by Polynesian pop and its memorabilia.

The cooperation with Tanduay, a brand with a century-long tradition, began in 2016 and has since grown into a dynamic partnership. The culmination of their cooperation, a statewide pop-up tour in 2023, celebrated tiki culture with events that showcased Tanduay's rum's compatibility with the lively cocktail options of the tiki bar scene.

Parks appreciates Tanduay Rum's adaptability, which helped shape the cocktail book. Emphasizing the ease of incorporating Tanduay Rum into both traditional and innovative tiki cocktails.

The next cocktail book will showcase Parks' ingenuity and profound understanding of tiki culture, with a mix of visually attractive and flavor-rich cocktails. Parks' unique mixology abilities are highlighted by the Kape Mahika coffee cocktail, which matches well with Tanduay, and the Chee Pono savory concoction.

Beyond cocktails, Parks is passionate about the full experience of tiki culture, emphasizing the role of ambiance, music, and community in creating a true tiki bar scene. Highlighting the core of tiki culture, which extends beyond the beverages.

Looking ahead, Parks sees a bright future for tiki culture, including plans for an encore tour and the ambitious desire of opening a new bar. He is also interested in exporting tiki culture to the Philippines, possibly transferring a piece of this distinct American cocktail culture to new lands.

Parks is more than a mixologist or an entrepreneur; he is a visionary who uses his passion for tiki to overcome cultural divides. His cooperation with Tanduay not only demonstrates the global appeal of Filipino rum, but it also cements his position as an influential character in the world of tiki culture.

It should also be noted that Filipinos played an important role in establishing the thriving tiki culture in America, particularly as bartenders at legendary venues such as Don the Beachcomber. Led by legends such as Ray Buhen, Filipino bartenders applied their expertise to the creation of tropical cocktails, propelling these beverages to cult status among Hollywood stars and customers alike. Buhen's influence extended beyond the bar, with the beloved character Yoda and the iconic Mos Eisley Cantina in "Star Wars." As tiki bars flourished in the mid-20th century, Filipinos remained central figures in the exotic culinary and cocktail movement, leaving an indelible mark on American drinking culture.

Tanduay, on the other hand, makes its famous rums in the Philippines, using high-quality sugarcane produced from the island nation's sugarlandia. The extracted Grade A molasses from these crops is refined, fermented, and distilled, resulting in a pure liquid gold.

The brand has a large collection of oak barrels for aging its rums, which is an important technique that considerably improves the flavor and complexity. This metamorphosis is aided by the Philippines' tropical climate, which plays an important role in strengthening the rums' properties.

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