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A bountiful array of lobsters at Fresh

Lobster with Tom Yum sauce by Chef Goh Fukuyama

Indulge in a true feast for the senses at Fresh where you can experience a lavish banquet and indulge in an abundance of fresh lobsters, impeccably cooked to your liking. Enjoy lobster creations by Chef Xu Fan, the visionary behind the Michelin-starred Xujia Cuisine in Chengdu, Chef Cristina Bowerman, Chef Patron of Glass Hostaria, a 1 Michelin Star restaurant in Rome, and Chef Goh Fukuyama, the chef behind La Maison de la Nature Goh, a culinary haven in Fukuoka that boasts a Michelin Star.

Enjoy a lavish banquet at Fresh and bask in the luxury of an iconic seafood buffet, as well as a tantalizing tour of global cuisine. Choose from a variety of premium meats and seafood at live cooking stations that highlight Japanese, Mediterranean, Italian, Filipino, and Chinese cuisines. Immerse yourself in culinary artistry and indulge in an abundance of fresh lobsters, perfectly cooked to your specifications---whether steamed, baked, or poached. Enjoy a gourmet feast unlike any other, only at Fresh.

Begin the feast with a seafood cascade that includes steamed lobster claw, citrus-poached lobsters, lemon sweet shrimp, ginger-steamed blue swimmer crab, and poached New Zealand black mussels. Chef Xu Fan, the master of Sichuan cuisine and the visionary behind Chengdu's Michelin-starred Xujia Cuisine, prepares a Szechuan Boston lobster adorned with a tantalizing Szechuan spicy umami dressing that will awaken your senses and leave you wanting more. Satisfy your Chinese cravings at Fresh's Chinese station, where you can enjoy flavorful curry laksa soup, classic dumplings like the pork and shrimp dumpling and Ha gao, as well as Chinese roasted specialties like Char siu pork and Peking duck.

Poached lobster salad by Chef Cristina Bowerman

If you're looking for some good pasta, stop by the homemade pasta live station and try a heavenly lobster claw, angel hair pasta, cheese ravioli pasta alla puttanesca, or Tuscan style gnocchi. The Italian section serves freshly baked pizzas in flavors like 4-cheese with honey truffle or spinach ricotta. Chef Cristina Bowerman, Chef Patron of Glass Hostaria, a one-Michelin-star restaurant in Rome, prepares a poached lobster salad with Boston lobster, mixed lettuce, celery, and green apples in seaweed mayo. Complement this delectable lobster dish with a succulent roasted prime rib served with cabernet and dried cherry sauce and Yorkshire pudding from the carving station. Improve your dining experience with a glass of smooth white wine.

Experience Chef Goh Fukuyama's culinary artistry at La Maison de la Nature Goh, a culinary haven in Fukuoka that has been named one of "Asia's 50 Best Restaurants" and holds a Michelin star. Chef Goh creates a new twist on the classic Boston lobster dish using Homard Tom Yum sauce. To balance out the sauce's bold spice, serve with steamed rice and a sweet sukiyaki dish. You can also serve it with Japanese-inspired dishes like Japanese-style crab meat salad or Gomae salad, as well as other authentic options like seafood yakisoba, squid teppanyaki, or a comforting bowl of ramen noodle soup.

Poached lobster salad by Chef Cristina Bowerman

Aside from the seafood and meat options, prepare to be enchanted by a decadent dessert bar, which offers a tantalizing array of heavenly treats. Enjoy your favorite cakes, such as ube macapuno or pistachio and strawberry cake, or sample some Filipino delicacies like sapin-sapin, suman, biko, or cassava. You can also get frozen treats like mango yoghurt and strawberry ice pops, which are ideal for cooling off in the summer heat.

Indulge in a true feast for the senses at Fresh and enjoy these lobster creations by Chef Xu Fan, Chef Cristina Bowerman, and Chef Goh Fukuyama, available upon request and for dinner any day of the week. Book now and reserve your seats by calling 8888-8888 or email restaurantevents@solaireresort.com.

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