Thursday, April 25, 2024

Ivana Alawi on loving the 100W fast charging and living freely with the Infinix NOTE 40 Pro+ 5G

“I do everything on my phone, as in! I have meetings on my phone and read comments on my posts. I also watch a lot of other creators’ content and my own TV shows. Kaya sobrang ganda ng Infinix NOTE 40 Pro+ 5G because I can do all of this. Gusto ko talaga yung fast charging. I always shoot videos and take photos on my phone, kaya lagi akong lowbatt. With the Infinix NOTE 40 Pro+ 5G, I can use it kahit naka-charge sya kasi meron din syang MagCase and MagPad. I’m so happy that I was able to try the Infinix NOTE 40 Pro+ 5G and I loved it. It’s very affordable and has really high specs, so I recommend this to anyone who relies on their phone for their everyday tasks. ~Ivana Alawi
YouTube vlogger and actress Ivana Alawi has everything on her phone. Infinix NOTE 40 Pro+ 5G’s fast charging lets her live freely and worry-free.

Ivana Alawi is not shy about sharing her life online. The 27-year-old beauty is one of the Philippines' most popular YouTube vloggers, with over 17 million subscribers and counting. She is also active on Instagram, where she shares snippets of her personal and professional life with her 10 million followers.

Despite her hectic schedule of creating content and filming TV shows like Batang Quiapo, Ivana manages to live freely. It's all thanks to her dependable phone, the Infinix NOTE 40 Pro+ 5G.

The Infinix NOTE 40 Pro Series, with its groundbreaking 100W All-Round Fast Charge 2.0 and 20W Wireless Charge, is intended to power users' lifestyles. These features are ideal for Ivana, the newest Infinix brand ambassador, as they allow her to quickly charge her phone when the battery runs low. With Hyper Mode, she can charge up to 50% in just 8 minutes.

With 100W Fast Charge + 20W Wireless Charge, Ivana is able to charge the Infinix NOTE 40 Pro+ 5G at rapid speeds to watch content, take selfies, and more.

Aside from its quick charging capabilities, the Infinix NOTE 40 Pro+ 5G is ideal for streaming and creating content. Ivana says the clear 108MP main camera and 32MP front camera are "really handy for my selfies and vlogs." The phone's 3D-Curved 120Hz AMOLED Display Corning® Gorilla® Glass also makes it easier to check her shots and watch content in high-resolution 1080p quality.

The Infinix NOTE 40 Pro+ 5G is powered by a Dimensity 7020 5G Chipset processor and up to 24GB Extended RAM to ensure a smooth performance. Its stylish colorways, Vintage Green and Obsidian Black, make it a great accessory for OOTD photos.

Ivana is overjoyed and grateful to have discovered a smartphone that can keep up with her hectic schedule and allows her to live her life without worrying about running out of battery. So much so that her entire family now uses Infinix.

She adds that it’s also great for travelers like her because they can be fully charged while touring for hours.

Starting April 25, 2024the Infinix NOTE 40 Pro+ 5G is available for only P13,999 on ShopeeLazadaTikTok Shop and Infinix kiosks while the Infinix NOTE 40 Pro 4G is exclusively available on Shopee for only P10,999.
Infinix fans can also avail of special promo prices on the Infinix NOTE 40 Pro Series’ launch day. The Infinix NOTE 40 Pro+ 5G will be priced at P11,499 (from P13,999) via Shopee, Lazada, and TikTok Shop. While the Infinix NOTE 40 Pro 4G will be a Shopee-exclusive, retailing for P8,799 (from P10,999). First 100 buyers can get an S1 smartwatch or XE23 Earphones for free. (Limited stocks only)
For more information and promo updates, make sure to follow Infinix Philippines’ Facebook page and Facebook Community.

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