Thursday, April 25, 2024

A Gen Z Explains Her Gratitude for Her Position at McDonald's

“Nag-join po ako sa McDo noong nag-18 po ako. ‘Yun pong family ko, lima po kami na nakapagtrabaho dito. ‘Yung tito ko po nasa Australia na po at nagtatrabaho rin sa McDonald’s (I joined McDo when I turned 18. My family, including my aunt and uncle have also worked at McDonald’s. My uncle is now in Australia working for McDonald’s). Natutunan ko po sa McDo ay yung kailangan lagi kang ready at enjoy ko lang sa trabaho. Kailangan po mag-enjoy ka kada shift para maganda ang naibibigay mong service para sa mga customers (What I learned in working at McDonald’s is to be always ready and enjoy your work. Enjoying your shift allows you to give a better service to customers). Pag na-enjoy po nila ang experience nila, babalik-balik na po sila. Masarap po yun sa araw-araw na trabaho kasi naalala nila yung pangalan namin at nagpapasalamat sila samin. Kahit ganun kasimple lang, natutuwa po kami (When customers have an enjoyable experience, they would come back to the store repeatedly. This gives us a nice feeling, especially when they remember our name and thank us. Something as simple as that makes us happy).” ~Sheila May Azul

Sheila May Azul has over six years of experience working for McDonald's Philippines. She works at the quick service restaurant right now as part of a crew that is primarily Gen Z.

As a working student who is devoted to her studies, she hopes to follow in the footsteps of her former coworker and manager at McDonald's, who was recently promoted to a higher position.

She and the other members of her crew strive to satisfy customers each and every day.

Engaging the Gen Z Workforce

McDonald's Philippines firmly believes in the practice of empowerment and gratitude. For this reason, it started its "Salamuch Crew" program in November of last year, which encouraged gratitude from a variety of angles.

Through the Salamuch Wall, where they could post their thank-you notes, the Salamuch Box, where they could leave messages for the crew, and the Salamuch Crew Virtual Wall, a digital wall where they could share their Salamuch stories, customers were encouraged to show their appreciation for the hard work and service that the crew members had provided.

“Majority of our crew are Gen Z and there is a different way now in engaging these members of the workforce effectively. It has to be an experience for them and we needed to be creative in how we connect with them. There’s no better time to be part of the McDonald’s Philippines family because we are in a period of aggressive growth. In 2023, we opened 50 stores and this 2024, we’re aiming to open at least 60 new stores and that will continue for the coming years. With more stores that are opening means there are more people needed to run them, therefore we’re opening more employment opportunities for young Filipinos. With our aggressive growth means a bigger workforce and a responsibility for us to improve the employee experience. There are a lot of ways to engage the workforce and one of them is through recognition like Salamuch Crew.~Adi Hernandez, Assistant Vice President for Corporate Relations at McDonald’s Philippines

As of 2023, McDonald’s Philippines has 740+ stores across the country, with close to 60,000 crew, 95% of which are Gen Z.

Opportunities for Growth

“We believe if we recognize our crew and give them a better experience, they would do the same for our customers. We believe that if we do employee experience well, our customer experience would also follow.” ~Ben Marasigan, VP of Human Capital Group at McDonald’s Philippines

Last April 17, the Salamuch Crew program had its culminating activities in over 380 McDonald’s Philippines stores all over the country. One of the branches that hosted the festivities was McDonald’s Quezon Avenue-Ligaya in Quezon City.

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